Monday, June 6, 2016

අළුත් කාලීන සිදුවීම් තොරතුරු හා විචාර බ්ලොග් පිටුවක් " සිතක සටහන් "

On My Religion

I chanced upon a Facebook discussion elsewhere, in which among others, the nature of my religious beliefs was discussed.  Since there seem to be some misunderstanding on the said topic I take this opportunity to lay the matters to rest.

I was a baptized Anglican Christian belonging to the Church of Ceylon. It is certainly true that at up to a certain period in my life I held on to my religious beliefs at least in theory rather than practice. A major influence in that regard was my late father, who did the same in the face many trials in his life. At a time when a certain segment of Sinhala Buddhist nationalists were haranguing other religions via social media, I fought back in the name of my religion.  But this was more of a political rather than a purely religious gesture. It was based on the need of an identity and need to fight the fundamentalist forces holding sway at that time. 


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