Thursday, May 19, 2016

කතා විනෝද රසවින්දන පිරි විවිධාංග වෙබ් පිටුවක් " Gappiya's Journal "

Gappiya’s Medical Leave

Hello boys and girls how are you all? I heard it’s raining cats and dogs in Sri Lanka. (I don’t know where that expression came from but I would imagine a rain of cats and dogs would be a very terrifying thing to watch.) Anyway I hope you guys are safe and please stay out of danger as much as possible. Last time I was in Sri Lanka we were traveling back from Jaffna and somewhere around Anuradhapura I remember seeing a clear dry highway and the next minute it was a bloody tank. Tropical monsoon climate has it’s own beauty but hey I would rather watch a bunch of “Ginger Boys” and “Lazzies” coming down the sky.
So what’s being happening at Gappiya Pictures? Lots! I think most of you already heard about the shoulder accident. If anyone of you are concerned, it is getting better. Having to live with a one arm really made me appreciate all my good working limbs. I can’t even imagine having to live without an arm or leg for the rest of your life. It must be terrifying news! More terrifying than seeing hundreds of cats and dogs falling through the sky. Anyway luckily we haven’t had any interruptions to our weekly video uploads. So that’s nice.
Speaking of nice things we had a guest staying with us the last two weeks. Gappiya’s very own “twin” sister – Gappi nangi came for a short holiday. I am not sure if it’s good timing or not but Gappiya nangi came to visit Australia for the first time right after Gappiya got his shoulder dislocated. So she could cook, clean and care of her brother. That’s nice. Universe is nice to us sometimes. Anyway it’s nice to have your family around because after living away for too long you forget how much annoying they can get. (Just kidding! – even though it is the truth). Since a man with a broken arm can’t do much he should just sit and talk, talk and talk with his sister. Eat, eat and eat Sri Lankan sweets his mother sent him. Watch, watch and watch “Pirates of the Caribbean”.
Ok…usually the Friday video is ready whenever I do a blog update. This Friday video is not ready and hopefully it will be ready on time. Err…I don’t have a title for this one yet so…yeah…just think of this week’s like a surprise video week. Just like that cats and dogs rain you see out the window. That’s it from me for now. If you are in Sri Lanka remember to take an umbrella if you are going out or you can always pretend you don’t have an umbrella and share a stranger’s one if that stranger is cute enough. 


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