Thursday, August 18, 2016

වෘතීය භාෂා පරිවර්තකයන් විසින් කරන වැදගත් මෙන්ම වැඩදායක බ්ලොග් එකක් " Translators "

Who are translators

The history of  translators traces back to the begininig of human civilization. In old good days intelectuals in tribes try to communicate each orther with their general understanding others ,This caused mutual build ups and peace among tribes. Said scholars are treated as noble persons by tribesmen and their service had been very much required for the community.
Later humans were settled on aggriculturel basis. Then advanced human civilizations were flourished .It resulted in the golden age of linguistic field .People who knows more than one language was considered scholars and put on zenith of respect by the society. They are none other than translators .They played key role in monarchies, relegious shrines and acadamic institites. To the extent that they  are functioning  in their community  those  communities   were destinied to play much role in the history. They are forefathers of literature, technology ,arts and sciences in earaly societies. Likewise they  were intermediaries of their societies  and it is not an exeggeration  that  their access to knoledge  and their scope of functionong paid much contribution in early and medieval era. They  were considered as aristrocats in all over the world.

This blog has been created for propagating proper translation services and emphasis of importance of translators .Our ultimale aim is to enhance this art and put in its due place to which it is deserved to be.
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